Advanced productivity

Scale, informatization, automation, and intelligence: Currently, the per capita output value of Zhengxiang is about 500000 yuan, surpassing the industry average level. Deepen the promotion of lean production and refined management: Fully promote informatization and automation, and strive to build an intelligent pen industry factory. Strive to create a per capita output value exceeding one million yuan!

Professional competitiveness

Improving product competitiveness: With a product development center and adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, we aim to create high-quality products for consumers.Improving team competitiveness: With a spirit of positivity, innovation, and collaboration, we aim to create a distinctive cultural team for Zhengxiang. Improving Enterprise Competitiveness: With the dream of China's cultural and educational industry, we rely on product quality, customer service, and lean management to tell the history of our brand. Build a global professional and competitive manufacturer of pen and ink cartridges!

PROJECT-Lishui Zhengxiang Pen Industry Co., Ltd.


Lishui Zhengxiang Pen Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 and is a comprehensive company engaged in the research and development and sales of metal ballpoint pens, foreign trade ink bags, ink bags, neutral pens, etc.


Lishui Zhengxiang Pen Industry Co., Ltd.

  • 883 Tianning Street, Tianning Industrial Zone, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, China
  • 86-0578-2080999 (MGR Zhang)