Thirty years of trials and tribulations, working together to create a new chapter

Zhengxiang people adhere to the core values of "being proactive, pragmatic, trustworthy, and innovative", and have the courage to fight and take on responsibilities in the 30 year journey. Currently, they have an annual production capacity of billions of pens and equivalent modern production lines. From quantity to quality, to brand structure, we have achieved leaps and bounds time and time again.

The times are advancing, the market is changing, and enterprises are developing. We have introduced a series of modern management systems, focusing on the concept of "diversified development and technological strength of enterprises", keeping up with the pace of the times, optimizing and strengthening the Zhengxiang brand, and contributing our modest efforts to China's cultural and educational office. Seeking mutual benefit and development. Being a loyal friend to every partner is our pursuit. Sailing in the same boat through wind and rain, forging ahead, Zhengxiang people will surely ride the wind and waves to create a better 30 years.

Lishui Zhengxiang Pen Industry Co., Ltd.

PresidentLi Guangping

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Lishui Zhengxiang Pen Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 and is a comprehensive company engaged in the research and development and sales of metal ballpoint pens, foreign trade ink bags, ink bags, neutral pens, etc.


Lishui Zhengxiang Pen Industry Co., Ltd.

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